Mindfulness videos

Test Anxiety

Anxiety is a common occurrence in schools at test time. For students to be able to recognize feelings that accompany stress, pause and breathe into them, students can come to a place where they are empowered to respond to the stressors of performances required in a school system rather than react and shut down. The purpose of this video is to practice prior to exam time so that when the pressure of tests meets them at the door, students can breathe into the moment and do the best they can, which is just that, the best they can.

Mindfulness and Thinking

This video was designed for students, inviting mindful breathing practice as an approach to being able to see that thoughts come and go; they are transient. Rather than trying to get rid of thoughts, mindfulness invites us to acknowledge that thinking is occurring, it is natural and we can purposefully invite our focus to our breath, our anchor to the present moment.

Body Awareness Scan

Mindfulness with the body scan is a way to experience ones body in a kind, caring way. This body scan has been designed for students in the classroom so it is shorter than many approaches to the body scan practice. The scan allows time for us to notice where we place our attention and where attention might slip away. Essentially I feel the scan is simply to be with ones Self with kindness and compassion. A possible outcome of practicing the body scan might be to be able recognize where emotions, tensions, aches and pains are experienced in the body. The beauty of this mindful approach is that we meet our Self in a safe and gentle way; noticing that body sensations come and go, like thoughts and emotions; everything changes. It’s always like this.

Mindful Movement

This video of Mindful Movement demonstrates 10 basic exercises developed by Thich Nhat Hanh. There is very little space needed to do this practice. It can easily be done standing by your desk or as a group standing in a circle. The movements direct attention toward major joints, muscles and balance of the body. It is a great way to stretch out of a long sitting moment or settle into a space of focus.

This set of exercise can become a self-directed activity of mindfulness (intention, attention, and attitude) and physical movement, where you are guided to inhale and exhale evenly with each movement, anchoring attention to the present moment with the body and with life as it is in the moment.